Impressive Custom Made Wood Products

Wood products are good products

Some many things that we buy today are mass produced and do not have a personal touch, even if the quality of the product cannot be doubted. With so many things made in their millions if not billions it can be difficult to own things that are unique to you personally. Yet our homes do not have to be full of mass produced goods and appliances made of plastic and metal.

These days it is possible to have really impressive custom made wood products to display in your home, or may be even your work place. This has to be an improvement on some of the mass produced objects that are so readily available, yet look like mass produced and possibly tacky goods that everybody else seems to be displaying even if you cannot stand to look at it.

However the people that carve, or make impressive custom made wood products are committed to making you something completely unique that will stand out from the crowd.


Sometimes it is worth paying extra for uniqueness

If you are looking to own something that is totally unique and was made only for you then it is time to seriously consider finding local craft people or carpenters who are capable of making wooden objects to your exact requirements as well as specifications. You would expect to pay a little extra as you are ordering something that will be custom made for you and therefore be uniquely yours.

It makes a great deal of sense to find a local craft person or carpenter to make your custom made wood product for you, as you may be able to collect the finished items from them directly. Having things posted to you may not be the best of ideas, as you will not want your hand crafted object broken or damaged in the post. Another thing to consider when you order a custom made wood product is whether or not to buy from abroad. Imported items can attract a customs charge depending on how much an item is worth. Customs charges mean that items cost you more than you would have expected.

Remember the cost of an impressive custom made wood product reflects the cost of the wood used, as well as the time taken to carve or make them.


Do something good, order something unique

To make your home or office look different seriously consider ordering a custom made carving or ornament as soon as you can. If the company or companies you are considering are online then view their website to gain an idea of what products are available and roughly how much things will cost.

If they are located near to you visit their store or work place to discuss what you would like them to make for you. By visiting their work place you can see first hand the kind of products, which can be custom made for you, and pay for these items.

Ordering your custom made wood products either for yourself or as gifts is a good way to buy things that are unique.

Tips for Selling Wood Products Online

Creativity is a great gift that many people posses and majority of them usually utilize it with the goal of crafting beautiful pieces from wood, metal and other materials. Once you have crafted the beautiful piece, the tough portion comes; you need to sell your products to the people.

While many people believe that posting your products on already established web platforms such as Etsy will attract customers, it requires more than that.

Below are tips for selling wood products online.

Build your brand

Brands are powerful sales and marketing devices that when used well can help one to sell products with ease to a large group of customers. Building a brand is not easy but at the same time it is not difficult to achieve.

All one needs to do is come up with a few items such as a logo and a simple name for your business. Logos are easily identifiable and when combined with an easy to remember name, you will be able to build your brand within no time.

Take quality photos

A picture speaks a thousand words which means that if you want your products to stand out, you need to take quality photos of your products. Even though majority of smartphones and tablets have quality cameras that are able to capture photos in HD quality, you need to invest in quality photos

Unless you have photography skills, you can request a family member or friend with the skills to take photos of your products. This means that you need to line your products in a professional photo studio and you will end up with quality pictures.

Price your items correctly

When it comes to pricing, you need to take sometime and come up with a strategy that will help you to price your products well. It is important as a business person not to over price or under price your products as this can result to failure in the long run.

The best way to price your products is by considering several factors first such as labor costs, material costs and other expenses like electricity and time. Doing so will allow you to price your products as well as gaining more customers and making profits in the end.

Package your products professionally

Before you ship your products to customers, you need to ensure that you take your time and package the products professionally. There are several types of packaging materials you can choose and some of them include using cartons with bubble wrap, using attractive paper or using cardbox boxes.

When you package your products, you can decide to use packaging material that has your brand name. While this helps to ensure that your product looks lovely, it also helps to market your brand too.

Provide all information pertaining to your products

Wood products are delicate therefore it is important as the creator to provide all information that will help the customer to take care of the product well. This means that as the creator of the products, you need to provide information about how to properly take care of the product or how to handle it.

This information will help the user in ensuring that the product is able to last for a long period of time.

In conclusion, creating wood craft products can help you to earn money if you market them well. In order to ensure that you are able to sell your products online, you need to utilize the following tips. First, build your brand, take quality photos, price your products well, package them attractively and finally provide all necessary information.

Wood Products You Can Make at Home

What are some cool wood products you can make from the comfort of your own home?

Depending upon your skill level, there are hundreds of different wood products you can make yourself at home. Woodworking is an art that brings relaxation and satisfaction for a job well done. Both functional and decorative items can be crafted with surprising ease, when you know the basic principals of woodworking, which tools are necessary for your project, and how they are assembled.

Cutting boards

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Making a cutting board is one of the simplest wood product to make. There are a few different ways that it can be done. First, select the type of wood that you would like to use. Hardwood is preferrable for extra durability. Next, decide upon the size. This will determine the measurements of each piece of wood that will be used. Butcher style cutting boards use one inch thick strips of wood which are glued together, held in a vice until dry, drilled with wooden dowels glued in the middle, top and bottom all the way through for strength, sanded and finished with linseed oil treatment. You can also use a solid piece of wood and if you’re skillful with a scrollsaw, you can finish the edges with an ornate design.


You can make an assortment of different furnishings for your home from wood. Simple round tables that are constructed of a purchased round wood top with large diameter dowel legs are an easy project. These can be made with purchased legs that come in a variety of styles and designs from plain to ornate. You can turn them on a lathe if you desire to make the pieces on your own. You can create them in any size or dimension that you desire also including square, rectangular or octagonal. Some wood crafters enjoy adding more intense detail with inlays of contrasting wood and a variety of different styles and finishes.

Chairs and end tables are other popular products that can be made at home. People who enjoy a rough hewn rustic decor can make stunning furnishings with little more than a good set of plans, the right materials and a little elbow grease.

Dog Housesk2-_b76f8281-2579-4480-8685-a8da35d42421.v1

Dog houses are popular home woodworking projects. They can be made fairly quickly in a variety of different sizes and styles. Basic designs work well for beginners, but those who have more advanced skills can create highly functional dog houses that fit into the style and decor of the surrounding home and landscape. Your creations could add to the uniqueness of your living area, making a statement about your sense of style and the skills you possess.

Your imagination will set the limits of what you can achieve

Of course, you need to have the skills to create more complex wood products, but you can start out with simple projects and increase your abilities as you go. You can obtain the construction plans, materials lists and complete instructions for making many different wood products online, or by purchasing instructional guides. Some people who begin as amatuer woodworking hobbyists find that they have a flair for the craft, and turn it into a profitable business. Whether your goal is for pleasure or profit, there are limitless possibilities to the wood products that you can make from the comfort of your own home.